Welcome to the ELC

Hello and welcome!

The Engaged Library Collaborative (ELC) is a (mostly) online platform for sharing philosophies, approaches, and practical application of community engagement / outreach / partnerships / etc.


  • Facilitate a conversation space for librarians working on engagement / outreach to share experiences and ideas with colleagues on an international level.
  • Pool our collective knowledge to share resources, articles, research in the area of library engagement and outreach.
  • Support and amplify work already happening in libraries worldwide and to develop a community of practice around engagement and outreach work.

What you can expect:

  • New postings twice a week, interviewing engagement librarians of all stripes and types, and sharing hands-on tools and ideas to support engaged libraries, librarians, and communities.
  • New resources added to the Resources section on a monthly-ish basis.

Help us do these things. Contact us to be featured, to talk about your rad engagement program or tool, and to add a resource to that section.

Who are we, anyway?

Maggie Killman and Laura Damon-Moore met via Skype call first and started a conversation about their engagement work in Ohio and Wisconsin, respectively. Read about us on the ELC’s About page.

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